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About Us

Taking our name from a Wallingford historical local figure (Brian Fitz Count) – Fitzcount Land Ltd was formed in 2020 by Adam Goddard and Simon Breen with the aim of delivering a first class land, planning and development business to the South of England and the home counties.

Having both worked for various PLC national property developers as well as smaller SME niche developers over the years, Adam was often approached by a number of landowners for advice and decided in 2020 to form Fitzcount Land. The main aim was to offer a bespoke and much more personal touch in all aspects of the planning and development process.

Working with a wider team employed by Fitzcount Land and their investors and developer partners, including some of the best consultants in the industry - we offer a fully charged Land Agency.

Adam particularly enjoys design and feels the industry can do more in the coming years to create houses that we will be proud of in the future (the Victorians had it right—build it to last!).

Working with landowners directly to ensure their interests are firmly number one, Adam specialises in helping people take their land from 'off market' to 'on market' by developing new land opportunities directly with landowners. 

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