Land Development Services by Fitzcount Land, Oxfordshire

Land Services

Our services include:

• Providing planning consultancy and advice to new and prospective customers and clients.
• Working with landowners who wish to fund planning applications themselves but need someone to manage the process for them.
• Funding planning applications on behalf of landowners or part funding and assisting with the sale / disposal of the site once planning in place.
• Acquiring land unconditionally.
• Securing Option Agreements for land.
• Securing Promotion Agreements for land.
• Working with developers to fund large scale developments planning costs on behalf of landowners.

how it works

A typical scenario may be:

Land is brought to our attention by a customer contacting us through the website or word of mouth.
Contact is made and a meeting arranged to discuss ideas and to view the potential site.
Fitzcount Land Ltd will then recommend a number of options for you to consider (we like to work on a ‘no fee’, ‘no obligation’ and ‘absolutely no pressure’ basis at this stage).
In the example of a larger scheme, an agency contract will be drafted and heads of terms agreed to ascertain outcomes.
Planning process is entered into depending on the size and complexity of the project and funding – for example we may work with a developer partner by entering into an ‘Option Agreement’ and we will manage this process for you with your input at all stages or alternatively if you wish to take a back seat, that’s fine too.
Once planning permission is granted the site we can advise on the lands value with the benefit of the planning permission and if required coordinate the marketing and sale of the land subject to landowner’s requirements.
We are able to instruct solicitors on behalf of landowners and have a hands on approach to the coordination of the process in relation to any legal agreements required.