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Development Consultancy Services

Fitzcount Professional Services offers a variety of Consultancy Services to Developers and Contractors alike. Our team who have vast experience in all aspects of development specialise in the following:

Section Agreement Adoptions, Inspections & Monitoring

    • Section 38 Highways
    • Section 104 Drainage
    • Section 278 Site Entrances
    • Open Space Adoptions
    • 106 Obligations
    • Unilateral Undertaking Obligations

Utility Co-ordination Work including Design Reviews

    • Checks for Clashes
    • Meter Positions
    • Off-site Works and Improvements Review, Management & Coordination
    • Checks for Drainage Clashes, Manholes, Services Strip Coordination with Highways etc.

Plot Review / Comparison Service

We carry out a thorough review of all layouts to ensure that designs are co-ordinated effectively and completely.

The developer supplies copies of the Conveyance / External Works / Drainage / Engineering / Landscaping and Planning layout and they are reviewed / plotted side by side. This identifies a huge number of issues, from simple co-ordination, through to more complex issues.

It can help with the following:

  • Part M
    • Gates / Rear Access Check
    • Garden Levels / Retaining
    • Boundaries
    • Paths / Patios / Slabbing
    • Manholes
  • Value Engineering
  • Conveyance Issues

Other Services

    • Architectural / Engineering Design Reviews and Value Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Land Investigation
    • Land Appraisal
    • Technical Reports
    • Consultant Coordination
  • Consortium Site Management
  • Technical Manage & Design Coordination
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